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btdat's Journal

Breakfast the day after tomorrow.
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Writing therapy. Lay down on the couch and type away!
This community, or advice given on it, is NOT a substitute for medical advice. If you have any health problem, whether physical or mental, and you haven't already, GET HELP.

Breakfast the day after tomorrow. (or BTDAT for short) is a community for anyone to write about anything that's bothering them. I chose the name related to food, because I started another journal called BTDAT as a place to write about my bulimirexia (as you'll see in my early "articles"), and it's stuck. It started off as an eating disorder community, now anything goes.

The Point Of This?
Writing can be therapeutic. It may not be the answer to everything, but it may be the answer at that minute. You can write journals/articles as I started off with, but song lyrics, poetry, stories - any kind of writing is acceptable, as long as it fits BTDAT's disclaimer, premise and rules. You can write about your personal experience, or just in general. You can make it so that only members can view it, or put it out to the world. Most things go here.

Helping Other People
First of all, you may just help someone by writing alone. Reading is also therapeutic, especially if you identify. If a post was helpful to you, leave a comment. Speaking (erm, typing) of comments - if you have something to say, a thumbs up, constructive criticism, identification, feel free to say so. This is, after all, a community!

Yes, we know that already. ;) Anyone can join, but there is a reason why posts are moderated.
When you post here, make sure that -
1. It is writing therapy and therefore fits the community premise.
2. It doesn't have to be really long-winded, but it at least has some substance to it.
3. The odd typo or spelling mistake is OK, but please try to write in readable English.
4. If you want to criticise a user, a post or the community, please make it constructive.
5. The community is set to 14+. Anything you wouldn't want a 14-year-old to read or see, don't post.

Not exactly rules, but -
1. Tagging your entry with whatever it's about isn't necessary, but is recommended.
2. Potential "triggers" and suicide notes, if posted, are a grey area.

Need To Know More?
Contact bikz. Windows Live (MSN) Messenger (ben_failedtomature@hotmail.co.uk - Messenger I said, don't bother e-mailing me!) or messaging me through LiveJournal are your best bets to talk privately. If you don't mind talking in public, find any post tagged "btdat" and reply to it.

I think that's all.